The Williamsburg Area Reading Council is a non-profit, educational organization for all individuals in the Williamsburg, VA area who are interested in reading, reading research, and the teaching of reading at all levels.

Williamsburg Area Reading Councili is committed to providing:
  • Professional Development:  conferences and meetings will be held regularly throughout the school year intended to stimulate/promote literacy research and share knowledge related to the professional development needs of its members.
  • Community Involvement: events will promote and support reading and literacy activities in local schools and communities.
  • Networking: meet and share information with people from your community and all across Virginia who are interested in promoting reading and literacy.
  • Annual Conference: attend the outstanding annual VSRA Conference featuring many presenters, workshops, special events, exhibits, meal functions and nationally renowned authors and illustrators.
    receive conference information mailed directly to them. 
  • Publications: as a member of WARC, you will receive the annual professional VSRA journal, Reading in Virginia Journal, the VSRA newsletter and information on upcoming literacy events.
  • Awards/Scholarship/Grants: each year thousands of dollars are granted to VSRA members through the Offie T. Rubin Reading Teacher of the Year, Teacher Research Grants, and the Camelita K. Williams VSRA Scholarship For Graduate Studies in Reading.